Tyler » http://whorrific.blogdrive.com/ Always interesting to read a bitches blog huh? Whorrific.... god what a slut
Josh » Where's the new one?
pointless » well, i stopped writing bc i lost the account password, and i culdnt get a new one bc all passwords were being sent to my OLD email that i cant get into nemore. so i made a new one.
Simba » Shame you don't update more often... and you should think about writing cause that's a damn good cliff hanger.
Simba » Wow... I was just browsing around & found this one &... you're way to grim. Learn to lighten up. Go watch the Lion King.. it's a good movie to watch. There's lots of good advice if you look hard.
hannah » so i have to remake it. somwhere else. god foking damnit.
hannah » its me, by the way.
name » som1 got into my account and changed my password. i wonder who. i hate you, you asshole.
Pirwzwhomper » when did you get your webcam, btw?
sawa » me wuv you!! ddoood, krista didn't find me and that hurts. haha
Krista » Hey Hannah! I'm not sure if you remember who I am....but I found your Blog! This is my first time really exploring on blog. Well I'll talk to you laters-loves ya!
meg » magen loves hannah! i miss you babe, we need to hang out or do something or something because i love you!!
romantic failure » wow, guy, whered YOU com from.? hevnt seen u in. forevr. ? somthing like that.
Justin » Hey hannah, long time no talk. Tommarow im on my way down south for some "outside" time.....WEE HOO! anywho ttyl
sawa » you're so hot. and i don't use you to get off. haha. *mwah*
sawa » yeah, i dressed you up and danced you around... minus the purple thing
romantic failure » i looooooooooooovvve u too mary [heart] ^^ its so nice to b loved =]
twig » I love hannah! I love hannah! I love love love love hannah! *sounds better when im singing that hannah kik*
corrina » i love you hannah. i have some pictures of you... they are pretty
romantic failure » i love mary. i wish i culd see her more often.....its sad, almost...that i love som1 that i nvr see...but i still love her vry much.
twig » my shoulder hurts...im sorry you were sick! I LOVE YOU! Its 9:37 pm, and I just got home from school
meg » hi hannah, you're so awesome, magen loves you!!!
romantic failure » ill giv u som hot weather memories ;] rAr
twig » hot weather memories
romantic failure » hey =] how goes??
ham » hi there
Pirwzwhomper » <poke poke>
Twig » I love my hannah-kik!
romantic failure » =0 =0 =0 omgomgomgomgomg....hehe fun games.
Pirwzwhomper » tag tag tag tag tag tag
romantic failure » haha, u were wrth writing about =P
Jack Skellington » wow you wrote about me in your blog *dances around* w00t
romantic failure » valley pathways ^^ w00t! its a good school, damnit. teachers r nice. im srry about ur history, thats crap. ><
Jack Skellington » whats chool do you go to?, im prolly gonna be grounded for spring break cuz of history, its the only class im doing badly in, damn teacher loses all my papers and shit so yea...*hugs*
romantic failure » u shuld com to school with me......its hard to get bad grades =P
Jack Skellington » What do you think is missing? grounded for grades. Its probably lonliness messing up your life...
romantic failure » wot r u grounded for? somthings wrong with my life........but im not grounded.....somthings just missing i guess.
Jack Skellington » BOREDOMNESSSSSSS this bites im grounded this weekend, blah
romantic failure » oh yea, how much??
Jack Skellington » lol, i bet you wont
romantic failure » i wont let u forget that.
Jack Skellington » lol, thought so, hehheh maybe once i can drive ill come visit for a walk or something. *poke*
romantic failure » i live in hatchers pass. waaaaaay out there. on the edge of palmer. but thats ok....i like walking! maybe not..that..much tho.......
Jack Skellington » I live 6 miles up Knik lol, have fun walking to here, dont u live in Palmer or something? hehheh
romantic failure » well, i hope u like walking the whole time ur walking ovr here =P jk. ill walk there! where do u liv?
Jack Skellington » I like walking, but we live far away so yea...hmm BOREDOMNESSS *touch* lol
romantic failure » oh baby oh baby that'll keep a smile on my face for the rest of the week =0
Jack Skellington » Really? *touch* BWAHAHAHA
romantic failure » yea, well just remember, from now on, evrytime i see u, there wont b staring....there will b touching damnit! TOUCHING! bwahahahahahahahaha i do like body contact.......
Jack Skellington » Jeez, i feel so unloved here...HI HANNAH! oh guess what? CHESTICULAR DIMPLES!!!!
romantic failure » intreging as in 'w00t' or intreguing as in 'omgomgomg bleh' ? -sigh- 1 wrd can b so complicated these days..
romantic failure » i heart u too meg! ur the most awsomestest evr >< i miss u =[ i nvr get to see ne of u.
meg » i heart you hannah, i gave blood today!!! weeeee
simply-unpure » intreging description you have up there.
Killer-Treez » i live in ak too,i feel your pain..
Jack Skellington » Oh really? well people touch me all the time, what made you think you couldnt touch me? huh? Huh? HUH?!?!?
romantic failure » i only stare bc i cant touch =0
meg » haha funny funny
Jack Skellington » You know what? what are you looking at me for, i asked if you knew?!?! STOP STARING AT ME!!!! *hides*
phyco vision » I need you (heart)
Pirwzwhomper » you better
romantic failure » ill doichi ur bob =0
romantic failure » meg [heart]!! u need to...-wink-wink-visit somtime -nudge- ;]
Pirwzwhomper » doichibob
meg » hey hannah!!! you're so hott!! i heart you!!! weeee
Jack Skellington » lol yes it is good, fun too!
romantic failure » kinky? kinky is good....vry good.
Jack Skellington » Sounds Good and kinky....BWAHA
romantic failure » ill do that, and we'll rule the world together.
Jack Skellington » Hmm youll have to teach me some stuff once your done, lol, that sounds so perverted, oh WELL!
romantic failure » there will b no stopping me!!! mwahahahahahahahahaha
romantic failure » w00t, im totally gonna yoga it up!
Jack Skellington » Yoga, hmmmm...interesting. im bored. HI HANNAH!
romantic failure » lol, ill nekkidify u
ummm...not nathan » i want to see hannah naked. ha ha ha ...i have no friends
romantic failure » ahhhhhhhhhhh im being stalked! ><
Jack Skellington » WEEEE!!!!
corrina » hey hannah! i love talking to you. i wanted to talk more but you seemed like you wanted to get off of the phone! i would have stayed on and talked though *love*
Pirwzwhomper » i'm feeling better
romantic failure » whoooo is x-ray? and whos bed will i b going to?
x-ray » wow go to bed
romantic failure » haha, oh baby oh baby
romantic failure » haha, oh baby oh baby
Pirwzwhomper » no such thing as too big
pointless » its prettier this way. but i think i almost made it TOO big :O
Pirwzwhomper » bigger board, cool
pointless » lol silly boy =] u really r great. i loveses u. -lik-
depressed » hannah is hot
PointlesS » dancing around in a purple thing
Pirwzwhomper » where have you been?
Pirwzwhomper » *smiles*
pointless » wow, and this time it's som1 i actually dont kno =0 who r u?
ham » hi. another stalker
pointless » ahhhhhhhhhh how did u ppl fnd my blog?? i nevr told ne1 i had one =0 STALKERS freaking stalkers..i do love my stalkers so vry much =)
Twig » i love you the most hannah-kik! xoxoxoxox
Twig » i love you the most hannah-kik! xoxoxoxox
pointless » perhaps its just me being silly, but so far evry1 whos said nethin has a name that starts with a 'p' of course, that culd just b me...
pointless » abby? i remember abby. i hugged u lots. ur such a cutie. a tall one tho =0
Pirwzwhomper » gfdfgdfsrkomksmvlv