Entry: im reaching for the phone to call at 7:03, and on ur machine i slur a plea for u to com home, but i kno its too late, i shuld hev given u a reason to stay Sunday, December 05, 2004

*instincts r misleading, u shuldnt think wot ur feeling*

a new day...
with the same old worries on my mind.
i kno how to fix this.  bc i *hev* to fix it.  i cant go on obsessing, getting my hopes up, being pushed down, and then do it again.
so he said he still loves me, rite?  well, he says it, but he surely doesnt show it.
ill just assume that he doesnt want nething mroe from me nemore.
unless he says otherwise.

my problem solved?
well, not really.  but at least now my emotions can ride somthing other than a rollercoaster.
maybe just go eat carmel apples with nuts, instead.
[my emotions love carmel apples with nuts...]

adam says hes coming out tonite.  he said he wuld help me make my gingerbread house.
im excited ^^
i love making gingerbread houses.  i saw a gingerbread housemaking kit at fredmeyers on my dads birthday [last sunday] and i got it =]  i cant wait to put it together.  i mite start b4 he gets here, tho, and then wen [if..] he does get here, it'll b put together so we can decorate it.

im still listening to death cab for cutie.  their 'transatlanticism' cd has just seemed so...fitting?  i guess the word wuld b..

well, im getting tired.  and i gott pee really bad.


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