Entry: stupid boys and their stupid sleeping Wednesday, December 01, 2004

adam was sposed to com ovr today.  he got off work at 6, the power went out at 6.  but he didnt kno that, so i assumed if he *really* truly wanted to hang out, he'd hev called [our phones work evn if the powers out, its pretty nifty] but.....he didnt.  not that i really expected him to.
so i wasnt extremely disappointed.  just a little bit.

i was so mad at chris today, tho.  he gives me a ride to school evryday, i work rite next to his house, so hes not really going out of his way to take me, bc he goes the same time i do, and we pay him $5 a week to do so.  but every wednesday, and somtimes other random schooldays, hes late picking me up, so im late to school.  that doesnt bother him much, but id really like to get there and get my crap done so i dont fall behind, bc ive played that game b4, and i dont want to play it again.  so i called him at 10:45, 15minutes till school started, and left a msg on the machine.  then called again at 11, wen school started, then again at 11:15, and i mite hev tried one more time at 11:20, im pretty sure i did.  but finally i was just really getting irked about the whole thing, and miss cindy [the director at the preschool] was like, ill take u.  so she had to walk across the icey parking lot with a broken foot to take me to school.  i was mad.  i was also a good 30-40 minutes late.  i explained things to tanya, and shes like, its all good.  how awsome is she?
so during my last class, chris walks into the classroom, and im still mad at him, so i gave him attitude.  and hes like "fok this, i came to see if u made it to school and i get shit"  and im thinking, wot do u expect, a pat on the bak?  u ditched me, im not gonna reward u for that.  so we'll see wot happens tomorrow.

i think im just moody bc of the depo.  the lady said i mite b.  and maybe im just easily irritated bc of it, i dont kno.  but i still think that was really bad of him.  neways, its not like 11am is that early.  evn if u work till 2am.  still not that early.  and its only on wednesdays.


i shuld stop now.


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