Entry: my butt hurts..... =0 Tuesday, November 30, 2004

so i got the depo prevara shot today.  i hadnt actually intended to....but i was at the public health center and the lady was like "i can giv u one rite now!" and i was like...uhhh ok, sure.. it didnt really hurt at first, no more than most shots do, but it was weird with the whole pulling down my pants thing, and stuff, bc i think my ass is one of my worst features =\  not good at all.  but after awhile, it gets really sore, so it feels like ive got a really bad bruise.
stupid shots in the butt ><

becca got home today, it was kewl getting to see her again, i love that girl.  we just did lots of talking and stuff, about her trip and wot she did, and wot she got.  she sounded like she had a lot of fun, bastard ><
and she didnt get me nething =[ i *spose* she has a good excuse, with the whole 'eating' thing, but god, who eats?  seriously, here.... =P

adam didnt com out.
go figure, tho, boys r just like that i guess.  so i just went to phil's house instead, bc i told him id hang out with him this week, and i'v crapped out on him like 5 times in the last 2 months, so i felt really bad.  it was fun, tho, we hung out and watched anime and homestarrunnerstuff, and all that fun stuff ^^  and got to talk and b stupid, and it was just overall a good time, id say =]

anyways, im doing good.
i hevnt thot about jake at all today.


oh fok.
lol im stupid =]


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