Entry: ok, so yea. Monday, November 29, 2004

im sorry if i'v been moving my blog bak and forth to so mny different addies lately.
the first change was to get rid of a creepystalker who had the address.  once i moved it, he assumed it was deleted.
the second time was bc i didnt kno if i really wanted jake reading, bc i was so hurt by his actions.
and now ive moved it bak, bc ive realized he probly doesnt actually care enuff to read it, for one, and for two, i really dont care if he does.  i dont need to rearrange my life bc of the decisions he made/makes, rite, or wrong.  it was an irrational thing for me to do neways, somthing that came out of how i was feeling at the time, im sure u can understand.
neways, i moved it bak also bc i like this address [incarnadine]

so neways, if u were wondering wot the crap was going on, thats it.



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